Friday, August 1, 2008

Petting sharks and pooping hippos

So today was tons of fun! Jason and I rode the PATCO down to Rutgers campus where I got my official student i.d....yay! Then we walked over and the Adventure Aquarium on the Jersey shore. Apparently it used to be a non-profit aquarium until it was sold to some big company. They recently renovated it and added a lot. It was so much fun. They have two hippos there and a giant shark tank. The hippos were fun to watch especially with all the kids around. at one point one hippo swam right up to the glass and stuck his butt on the glass... The kids went crazy! Then the hippo kind leaned on his side and pooped. That instigated a collective"Ewwww!" from everyone. The shark tank actually has an underwater tunnel that you can walk through and watch the sharks swim above you. It was so neat. I think they had about 26 sharks in there. There was also small sections where you could pet miniature sharks. They were semi-slimey. Pretty cool.

Last night Jason and I ventured into Philly with our bikes. There are so many bikers in the city, it's great! We went to this park that has a weird Yankee name I can't pronounce. They were showing The Princess Bride in the park. There were so many people there! A lot of fun. I am definitely warming up to the area. Philly especially seems to have a lot similarities to Austin...big music scene, tons of good food, and lots of bicyclists.... good stuff.

Well I better take the pups to the park so they don't go crazy.

Peace and Love