Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Oh where, oh where are my Austin-like Coffee Houses...

So I promised to keep up with my blog. Well I probably said I would try really hard but I kinda forget I have one which is bad since it is my home page. Oh well... Nothing too eventful. We found another coffee shop close to our apt. It is pretty well set up; semi-comfortable seating, lots of live music nights, and the lattes was pretty darn good. The only thing is it closes at 9:30. I have come to expect this in the suburbs. What is tragic is that basically every place of business in Philly that is not a bar closes early. I mean we're talking 6pm to 9pm for most places! Ridiculous! Apparently "late" is 10pm and "really late" is 12am. That really sucks because I love to study in coffee shops and I will be studying late. In Austin, there were still tons of people at the place closing at midnight. Then everybody went to the 24 hour places, which by the way they have also never heard of up here.

Okay enough with the ranting. I am getting used to being here. I received my class assignments: Civil Procedure, Contracts, Torts, and Legal Analysis, Writing, & Research. I don't start till 9am which frankly is rather late for me considering I used to work the 5am to 11am shift. My day was half over by 9. I am pretty sure I can get used to the later start, seeing as that means more sleep.
Well, I'm starving so adios!