Thursday, August 7, 2008

Creepy Old Prisons are creepy

Today is my baby's birthday! Jason is old. We went to the Eastern State Penitentiary, the first penitentiary in the U.S. It was open from about 1820 to 1971. It was pretty creepy, especially the death row and solitary. We had this cool audio tour thing with individual headsets and the best thing was that Steve Buscemi was the narrator. Perfect fit because he is kinda creepy. Al Capone was a prisoner there for about a year and for some reason the guards were really good to him and his cell had a nice quilt, sitting chair, oriental rug, and a record player so he could listen to the waltz. A real badass mobster. I recommend the tour to anyone coming to Philly.

After that we went to Fairmount Park and saw the Museum of Art with the famous Rocky steps and Rocky bronze statue. Jas took his birthday picture next to Rocky..nice. We went to Rittenhouse square and had some excellent pizza at Joe's Pizza. My friend Katy Sloan is coming to visit tomorrow from NYC and her little dog too. It will be nice to see a familiar face. I think we will try out the famous Geno's Cheese steaks and I will break with the no-meat policy for the night. I mean if you are in Philly you have to have at least one cheese steak.

I gotta say I am really starting to like it around here..And by here I really mean Philly. NJ is just okay. Well I'm out for now. I will try to out some pictures of our visit on later once I get Jason to help me. Its good to have a computer wiz around.