Friday, August 15, 2008

BK in the House

Ten days and counting! I can't believe school is about to start. I have orientation on Thursday and Friday...with a BBQ one day, we'll see what "BBQ" means up here. And I hope they have some not meat items or I'm gonna be hungry. I now have all my books..Jas says they don't look very interesting...I guess I'll find out. I already have assignments in all four of my classes. I guess I should get on that, huh?
Well nothing too exciting has happened lately. We are coming to the reality that summer is over and especially here it feels like Texas spring weather ( which is amazing). We have had our windows open basically every say.

Last weekend my friend Katy took the train down from Manhattan. She brought her yorkie, Ginger. Ginger is s o small our cat Tobias is bigger, Tobias and ginger played a lot. I think the dogs rough play and size were a little intimidating for tiny Yorkie. We went to the famous Geno's Steaks in Philly. Jas and I pretended we weren't vegheads for a bit to have a true Philadelphia experience. You can buy three things there: cheese steak, fries(with or without cheese), and a drink. It was pretty good but the owner seems to be a bit prejudice and over the top patriotic. The workers wear shirts that say "English Only", "This is America, speak English." They will refuse service to anyone that tries to speak Spanish. I am pretty Geno is Italian or something and when his ancestors immigrated I doubt they spoke English. In fact they probably experienced some prejudice themselves. Ok off my soap box. Additionally, someone who speaks Spanish Inst going to assume everyone that works there does..Ok not I'm off. Geno's rival, Pat's King of Steaks, is literally right across the street The two places have the exact same set up on opposite corners. Pretty funny. We will have to try Pat's next time.

We are still searching for that perfect coffee shop and grocery store. Nothing compares to HEB in the Hancock Center in Austin,TX though. We went to Burger King yesterday. They actually have a veggie burger and wireless internet. I mean this one is fancy. It looks like a nice sit down place. There are tv all around, a playground and an actual computer station with 5 computers. It is a mix between Mr. Gatti's, Schlotzky's, and a coffee house. Hey maybe I'll be studying at the BK!

Well, I'll let everyone know how orientation ans the first week goes. Say a prayer. I'm a bit nervous. Love to all!



  1. Julie said...

    wow BK...i'm impressed. do you think the BK's in texas have veggie burgers? should I try? i doubt it...